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Larry Lessig presents at TED: Nails it

Larry TED put up a new video of Larry Lessig's presentation at the TED Conference from earlier this year. The title of his fantastic talk: "How creativity is being strangled by the law." I have seen many presentations by Larry. They are always good and delivered in his unique "Lessig-Method" style. Usually his talks are on the long side, 45-60 mins or more. Question: How would Larry's talk be if he only had 18 minutes? Answer: Even better. Standing-ovation better. The 18-minute constraint forced Larry into making the best talk I have ever seen him make. He nailed it. His content was good, the argument was logical (even if you do not agree with it) and his visuals and the way he effortlessly controlled the visuals behind him is the perfect demo for the way it should be done.

Larry usually stays behind or near the podium, though he is also close the screen. Nothing wrong with this. I personally prefer to get rid of the computer stand and use the whole stage. But there is nothing wrong with standing in one place so long as you are out there in the front "naked" close to the audience. Larry's style is a bit professorial (he is after all a professor), but he is engaged, passionate, and certainly engages the audience with a combination of good logic, interesting and relevant storytelling, and simple, effective multimedia support delivered in a smooth fashion. No bullet points. No off-the-shelf template. Three stories, one argument, and a core message that is memorable and "sticky." See video below.

Lessig: "A growing copyright abolitionism...a generation that rejects the very notion of what copyright is suppose to do. Rejects copyright and believes that the law is nothing more than an ass to be ignored." 

Larry's performance proves that it can be done. You too can make compelling, smart, and logical presentations enhanced by slideware (he's using Keynote). There are no excuses. Watch, learn, and share this video. Excellent stuff. Bravo, Professor Lessig.

Larry Lessig's website


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