Presentation in Tokyo Dec 11
Book update from Japan

Cool iStockphoto deal

While I was in Tokyo, I spent Tuesday morning at Getty Images Japan to meet again with a few of the iStockphoto exces who were in town. We went out for lunch with the president of Getty Images to a funky restaurant near Harajuku and heard interesting stories about the history of stock photography in Japan, etc. I learned a lot. Really great people at Getty Images.

Istock_000003214434medium Before I began working on the book, I was looking for a simple way to add more value to it. I hoped that the ideas in the book would be useful to people, but I still wanted to find a way to "give something away" with each book. I approached iStock last spring with some ideas and iStockphoto has been fabulously supportive every step of the way. For my live talks iStockphoto has supplied with me with lots of cool swag to give away including bookmarks with claim codes for free images that I can give to everyone in the audience. And of course, if you buy the book you get access to a special code that will get you more free images.

Istock_page_2 In Tokyo I learned that the Presentation Zen deal is even better than I thought: the deal is not 10 free iStockphoto credits ($10 value), it is a deal for downloading 10 free images at the highest resolution (around $130 in value). By the time the book is out (Amazon still says next week: Dec 17, 2007), a special area on iStockphoto's website will be set up with 50 images from the PZ book from which you can choose your 10 free high-rez downloads. Most of the photos used in the book, and in my slides shown in the book, are from iStock. We'll select 50 for the download section. In addition to the free images, you'll get a code for 25% off on a first purchase of $65 or more. (See a brief history of iStockphoto below in the form of a short montage set to music on YouTube. Every image and video clip in the video is from

Tokyo report
After the meeting and lunch with Getty/iStock I headed across town to the Tokyo International School. I gave a presentation there to the faculty. TIS is a fantastic school with a wonderful faculty and staff. They are doing amazing work. After TIS, I taxied over to Ginza with Patrick Newell, the TIS founder, for the Apple presentation. Below are a few pics from the night. I really enjoyed meeting all the PZ readers who came up to me afterward. Really appreciated everyone coming out (which is hard to do on a week night in Japan).

Go to my flickr site to see more images from this talk in a slideshow.

Many PZ readers in the crowd.

OK, I had to at least *mention* the book...

Thanks again to everyone in Tokyo. Fantastic time!



Will your book be available in India.


Sweet, planning to upload a video? It would be nice to watch one of your presentations :)

Charles Martineau

I would do anything in the world to have the chance to go back in Japan in see your prez. again!


Very cool. Can't wait till your book comes out next week.


Amazon doesn't list the iStockPhoto deal. How do you register for it?

Garr Reynolds

>Amazon doesn't list the iStockPhoto deal. How do you register for it?

Victor, the deal is on the last page of the book. So you physically have to have the book in hand to get the code...Sorry that I was not clear about that...

Paul M.

Garr, is there a video of this presentation? Any slides available? You just gave us a taste of something we want to eat. Can we have it? 80% will do:)


It's already Dec 17, 2007 here in China.
I just got cliff's beyond bullet points(new version)yesterday,I'm so happy that your book is coming soon.

Thank you again, Garr.

Daniel Beck

I have to respectfully disagree with the post above. By "lowballing", iStockphoto is forcing others to consider their business model. This is a good thing. Yes, it may cause some troubles for some people as they learn to adjust to the market.

And if you read this blog, you will know that Garr advocates "giving it away". Of course, that doesn't mean he doesn't believe in the market or that professionals shouldn't be compensated. But, in my opinion, creative professionals do themselves no favors by clinging on to old models. Better to use some of that creativity toward their business plan.

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