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Update from Oregon

Guy_zen_2 Greetings from the beautiful Oregon Coast. Here's what I know about the Amazon orders. The PZ books left the publisher's warehouse about five days ago. Until all the Amazon warehouses have the book in their computers, etc, customers may get notices that the book is coming next month or later. But it is likely that that will change and that shipping will be much sooner than later; it's all in Amazon's hands now. You can also get books directly from the publisher here. (Photo: I dropped by Guy Kawasaki's house on my way to SFO to give him a copy of the book. He was very pleased and all smiles as usual. This is a pic I took of him in the kitchen of his house holding a copy of the book...then I dashed off to the airport).

As I said before, Nancy Duarte put together a wonderful little party with a lot of Duarte staff as well some invited guests that I was so excited to meet. Slideshare's execs were there (Rashmi, and Jonathan) as were the Decker team, and some cool executive communication coaches I knew from HP, etc. Ric Bretschneider, Lead Program Manager PowerPoint at Microsoft and Howard Cooperstein, a Microsoft manager who used to be Lead Program Manager for OfficeArt were also there. Ric and Howard are wicked smart and absolutely hilarious. I had a great time joking around with them and Nancy for hours. Meeting Bert Decker was a real thrill as he is the grand master of presentations coaching in Silicon Valley. Fantastic person. Below are a few pics of the evening. See many more on my Flickr page.


I presented for about 20 minutes in the Duarte Design theatre. Frankly, I was half asleep due to jet lag/sleep deprivation so I kept it light, short, and visual. Great audience!

All creatives know the importance of play. So I was not surprised to see Duarte Design well equipped with plenty of space and "toys" for the adults to play with it. Duarte does serious and important work. A culture that embraces hard work, creativity, and play like Duarte does is just the kind of firm I love. Maybe I am nuts, but work and play are not opposites, they are not mutually exclusive. If we are lucky, we work for the kind of organization that gets the "play" aptitude that Dan Pink talked about in A Whole New Mind (see older post about this).

Microsoft's Ric Bretschneider assembled a podcast (available in January) with Nancy, Microsoft's Howard Cooperstein, and myself. It was a blast and it may actually be of interest to you. I'll let you know when the podcast is available.


Although I had not slept in something like 39 hours, I could not resist playing basketball with Ric and Howard in the offices of Duarte Design. We were awful, as is captured perfectly in these photos up on Flickr. We did this for about an hour while we talked about presentations and PowerPoint, the future, etc.


With Nancy (CEO of Duarte), Ric and Howard (Microsoft fat cats). Ric said his sweater was one of the older PowerPoint backgrounds.Yum.

Presentation Zen under the tree...



Nancy is hot.

Scott Gamble

Pre-ordered with Amazon today and they estimate February 21 delivery! I hope it's much earlier than then.

Happy Holidays. Can't wait to read the book. Congratulations, Garr.

Scott McArthur

Great news Garr - looks like it will be a wee while until we get PZ over here in the UK though! Thanks for the inspiration!

Lance Andrewes

Congratulations Garr. If anyone's waiting for Amazon I suggest they check out the publisher site. My total price incl shipping to New Zealand came out very close to Amazon's total. However, the Peachpit form is super-picky and removes punctuation, shortens text and requires phone numbers to be *just right* before you can proceed. Probably more of an issue for non-US customers. Might I suggest your next book be "Web Form Zen"? ;-)


Keeping my fingers crossed for the book; I ordered it in October, and according to Amazon just now:
Shipping estimate: December 26, 2007

Can't wait!!

Joe Miller

I got the call from my local bookstore. PZ is in...on the shelves!


Added your book for next year's Xmas Wish List!

Paul M.

Is there any chance to have slide shows from your recent presentations? Maybe we can learn something new from you....


Niko Neugebauer

Could not have waited until the book appeared in UK Amazon, so i ordered it from before christmass, but allready got 2 emails about delays, so the earliest estimated date is 22 of January, and more realistic is the 4th of February. =O(

Ric Bretschneider

Hi Garr! The podcast we recorded is now available. You can send readers to

Ric Bretschneider
Presentations Roundtable Podcast

Benny K

I ordered from (being non-US based) and was a bit disappointed about the delays they kept displaying. Patience is a virtue. But the book arrived today!!!! It looks like it was worth the long wait!

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