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Presentation in Tokyo Dec 11

Apple_store I'll be presenting at the Apple Store Theatre in Ginza this Tuesday at 7:00pm. The presentation will be in English but what little text there is on the slides will be in Japanese and English. I'll be speaking on some themes from the Presentation Zen book and showing many examples and video clips, etc. My friends at iStockphoto will be there as well and we'll have some swag to give away. I look forward to seeing many of you in the Tokyo area there at the Ginza event. Below you can see the schedule for the day in the Ginza Apple Store theatre, including my talk at 7:00 PM.


Tokyo International School
Before the Apple event I'll be speaking the same day for the faculty of the Tokyo International School, an amazing school that has been getting a lot of attention in and out of Japan. Last summer the founder Patrick Newell gave me a tour of TIS and I was blown away. Great place.

At Stanford Dec 18
I fly to San Francisco on December 18 and speak for a group at Stanford University in Palo Alto on the same day. I never can sleep on airplanes so I'm usually quite tired by the time I get to the other side of the Pacific. I have tried to present the same day I arrive after a ten-hour flight once before and I pulled it off, but I don't recommend it. But I'll be sure to stop by the Starbucks on University Avenue in Palo Alto  before the talk to check my visuals and load up on some coffee (hope the bagels are back next door). The following day I'll set off for Oregon for a week and then to Honolulu for a few days on the way back to Japan for New Year's Day.


Hiroaki Yamane

I'm the student from Keio.
Your presentation is fantastic! The way use slides, images, I mean everything, is great.
Actually, I'll do another presentation tomorrow. The one you gave to us today will help me out a lot. Thank you.:D


my small support to you


Where at Stanford?


So,when you'll be in China? I'm looking forward......

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