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Presentation in Tokyo January 24


I have been invited to give a presentation next week in Tokyo, a presentation that is open to the public. Except for the Apple Store I don't have a chance to present too often outside of corporations and private organizations, so I'm really looking forward to this talk. If you are in Tokyo next week, I'd love to meet you at this event. If you are not in the area, perhaps you know someone in Tokyo that would be interested in the presentation. The presentation is in English and is highly visual including some short video clips.

The talk is sponsored by The Forge Training Consultancy in Tokyo. There is a ¥5000 fee which includes drinks and a buffet. The date is January 24 (Thursday) at 7:30pm (doors open at 7:00pm). I'll give away as many books as I can schlep up to Tokyo. You can find details about the presentation here in Japanese and English. Hope to see you there!


Michel Jansen

You are just two weeks early :P

How long will you be staying in Japan? I'll be there from February 9th :)

Ruskyle Howser


I signed up with Richard to attend the presentation next week, but the blurb above makes it sounds like you are planning to do a watered down presentation for the locals. I hope that's not the case.


Thanks Ruskyle --

Nope, nothing watered down about it. The target is anyone who is interested in improving their presentations. The talk is in English. The slides are very visual and when there is text (such as a quote) it is in both English and Japanese. You can also apply the ideas to presentations made in Japanese.

See you there!


japan zieht mich auch an. aber mit der sprache (da english reden müssen) habe ich ein bisschen angst.


i would also go to japan. but is such an expensive trip


Any plans to ever come back to the states to do some workshops? Something combined with a book tour?



I'll be touring the US, etc. in the summer...

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Any plans to ever come back to the states to do some workshops? Something combined with a book tour?

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