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6 Presentation tips from a Steve Jobs keynote

PZ-related podcasts

Here are a couple of podcasts I participated in over the Christmas break in the US. The first one is hosted by Ric Bretschneider Senior Program Manager for PowerPoint at Microsoft. Ric has been at Microsoft forever (or it just seems like that) and he's created a new website called Presentations Roundtable which will feature different podcasts related to presentations in future. Our podcast is the premiere episode on the site. Our talk is about 27 minutes long, but if you wait a few seconds at the end there is another couple of minutes of banter that actually took place before the podcast began (perhaps a bit too "naked"). Please keep in mind that I was out of my mind with exhaustion from the long flight, presentations, no sleep, etc. Yet we still played basketball inside Duarte Design after the recording. Nancy, Ric, and Howard are very smart and very funny. Great people. It was an honor for me to share some time with them. More photos from the night here on my PZ flickr site. Go to the podcast.


Nancy on my left, Howard on my right, Ric across the table.

Conversation with the publisher
The next podcast is a recorded telephone conversation with Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, publisher of Peachpit and New Riders. At that time I was up on the Oregon Coast and Nancy was in Berkeley, California. At this point I had slept enough, but I think I was still battling jet lag and overdosing on Christmas cookies. This conversation is about 23 minutes long. Go to the podcast.


A telephone conversation with the Peachpit publisher Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel in California.

Hear other interviews with authors including Robin Williams on the Peachpit website website. You can also purchase the Presentation Zen book directly from the publisher here.

(Note: The name of the web-based slide creation tool I was thinking of is SlideRocket.)



I haven't even listened to the podcasts but I am extremely excited to. Thanks Garr

Mr Nice

just a brief note to let you know that a copy of your book will be arriving to Lithuania - I've ordered it today from ..rgds

Charles Martineau

hey garr,

Today at school I had to encourage some students to go study abroad and some were actually going to Kansai Gaidai for this coming semester so I told them to be in your class and check your blog.
Good funny podcast!

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