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The best and the worst of 2007

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu (Happy New Year!). Back in Japan at last. No New Year's video greeting card this year, but checkout last year's if you have not seen it.

Top_10 If you were asked, could you come up with a top-10 best/worst communicators list for 2007? I have not compiled such a list, but legendary communications expert Bert Decker—based in San Francisco, California—published his annual top-10 best/worst list again a few days ago. Very interesting list indeed (I was especially interested in #9 in the "best" category...). Bert's list features those in the US. Can you recommend some other best/worst communicators from in or outside the US? I have many favorites, of course, such as Seth, Steve, Guy, and many more. But here are some non-Americans that are exceptional presenters: Markuz Wernli Saito (Switzerland), Daniel Rodriguez (Mexico), Hans Rosling (Sweden), and Marco Montemagno (Italy). And my favorite speech of 2007 is this 1992 speech from a 12-year old Canadian, Severn Cullis-Suzuki. Any others?

This just in: US presidential candidate Barack Obama was not on Bert's list this year because he was number one last year. There are many kinds of presentations, including speeches by politicians. Most political speeches are real yawners (for me at least) and I do not point to them too often. Obama is different. The man can flat-out communicate and connect with a crowd (video). Watch the 14-min speech below.


Paul M.

Garr, what do you think about this presentation:
http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/144 ?
It looks class for me and include many things you talked about.




Yes Paul, Jonathan's was a good one I thought. Saw it a few months ago. A lot of good ones at TED...I have not seen them all however so if you know any others... -g

Charles Martineau

Obama is hell of a guy (and speaker). In Canada we follow this race carefully simply because of this Obama. We all hope he becomes the next president even though he will not be our president (prime minister)...since it will impact canadian choices for our next Prime minister. (the current one --stephen harper-- is quite boring)


Too bad three of the best speakers have a tremendous capacity to send our country backward. I'll let you determine who you think those may be.

Paul M.

Garr, and congratulations to be put next to Steve and Guy. You should be proud, man!

And about Jonathan's presentation, after reading your blog I can now quickly spot elements of a proper presentation. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Adam Richardson

What's different about Obama is he almost never uses the word "I". He never talks about himself, except by implication. It's always about others (in particular "you" the American people) and what "you" can do. He puts himself in the position of a facilitator who inspires, rather than one who tries to take credit for everything. But at the same time he doesn't come off like a wet noodle who just looks to focus groups for his opinions. It's a tricky balance to pull off, but he does it masterfully.

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