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Summer_08_2 This summer I will be traveling the globe a bit giving presentations and workshops. The summer schedule is still being put together now, but here's what I know: I'll be in New Zealand for about 10 days doing workshops that are open to the public in late June for Webstock (in Auckland and in Wellington). I'll post more about the details including price, etc. soon from the organizer's site. I'll also be in India doing several presentations in the latter half of August (the PZ book goes on sale in book stores in India at the end of this month.) I'll be in the USA on a few different occasions through the summer, but I wanted to let you know about this one for now: The Voices That Matter Web Design Conference held June 10-13 in Nashville, Tennessee. This looks like a very cool conference that I'd attend even if I was not presenting there. Although I am not a web designer, I will be speaking on presentation in the broader sense and the role of simplicity, restraint, clarity, etc. that can be applied to website design and presentation design in all its myriad forms. (See the list of speakers.)


Aloha oukou
At the moment I'm in Hawaii for a couple of days before heading to Silicon Valley for a couple of events. On Wednesday Duarte Design is hosting a Presentation Zen book signing party (they're so friggin' awesome!). It's a private event, however, if you are in the area and would like to attend, please send me a message and I'll pass it on to Duarte (there may be room for a couple more.). I'll do a 20 minute presentation in the Duarte theatre, then it's party time (pics from the last time I was at Duarte in December). On Thursday I'll be in front of a green screen in San Francisco as the publisher and I start to film a Presentation Zen DVD to be released sometime in future. Then on Friday I'm presenting at Google during the lunch hour. This presentation will be taped and made available free online at some point, so I hope it goes well. The next public presentation I am doing is April 1 at 7:00pm at the Apple Store theatre in Ginza (Tokyo).

Presentation Zen: the community
I wish I could take better advantage of social media, but I'm afraid that all I can really keep up with is the Presentation Zen blog. Nonetheless, I would love to connect somehow more with PZ readers, so look me up on Facebook. I know I am not using Facebook the way it should be, but if nothing else it is a way to meet others who at least have something in common: they are interested in "presenting different." So look me up there. Also, just for fun, if you have the PZ book, why not send a picture in with you and the book and I'll add it to the Flickr album of PZ readers around the world — be as creative and weird (or "normal") as you like. It's fun to see who the readers are from all over the world. Send me your pic and I'll add it to the album.

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The Webstock blog put up a short post about the NZ presentations.


Klaus Joachim Maria Schmid

Hey-when do we see/hear you in Germany?Great Book

Wade M

New Zealand, but not Australia? How has this happened? I've been waiting a long time to see you over this side of the world, and you head next door, oh how you tease :P Let me know if you want a trip across the pond ;)



Just sent you my PZ photo!


Garr, My mails are not being accepted :(
The message was rejected because it contains prohibited virus or spam content

Sorry to post this here, but I have no other way to contact you.


Charles Martineau

How about Montreal, Canada Garr?


Great News.. Looking forward to meeting you in India :)


Bummer about the spam filter (never happened before). Try now. If it happens again then I really am stumped :-( Gomen, ne.

Rick Altman

Garr, I'll see you at Nancy's bash on Wednesday...and I'll be hitting you up to add PowerPoint Live to your summer schedule -- Sep 21-24 in San Diego...

Rick A.


Garr, don't forget to adjust your seasons as well as time zones .. it's Autumn in the upside down part of the globe (though you wouldn't know it from the recent weather in Melbourne (40c) Damn that pesky Global Warming.

Hey, wait a minute .. don't you know someone, who knows someone, who knows all about Global Warming





Do'h! You're right. My bad. "Summer" is just easier to say than "June, July, August '08". OK, "*My* summer break '08." Would love to go to Auz too since I am not too far while in NZ.

LOL -- yeah, I am only one degree from Al :-)


Hello Garr,

Looking forward to your India visit.



Hey Garr,
When would you be coming to India and more importantly where in India? Can you give us some specifics on that, for those of us that would really want to come over to see you!

Jon T

We'd love to see you in the NYC/CT area!!

Marco Montemagno

Hei Garr how about Italy?
You are my guest!


Nope, your spam filter still thinks I'm spamming

Abel Caballero


It's amazing how you schedule presentations all over the world and we still want to see you in Europe (in my case in the Canary Islands, Spain). I'll keep waiting...

Good luck.

Craig Harper - Motivational Speaker

Hey Garr.
As Wade pointed out above. How come New Zealand but not Australia?

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