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Alltop_125x125 One of the things I like about visiting the States is going to some of the enormous book stores with the huge magazine racks. I love "perusing." (In Japan I do this too—it's called tachiyomi or "standing reading.") Well, there is a website that gives me a similar sort of experience of a large, well-stocked magazine rack: Alltop (along with popurls) has been the first thing I check every morning since Guy Kawasaki asked me to preview it a couple of months ago. Yes, I have my blog feeder and a million other ways to keep up to date, but I like the way a lot of my favorite sites are displayed on Alltop. It's a very simple idea; maybe that's why I like it. I spend a lot of time on the Design page and the Photography page. Presentation Zen is one of the sites featured on Alltop (under design). Read the FAQ on Alltop. Better yet, listen to Guy talk about it.

Here is Guy speaking to Drue Kataoka about Alltop to give you some background on it. (Drue also has a very cool new blog called Valley Zen).

Watch Part II of the interview.



I hope you don't mind, but "peruse" means "read thoroughly or carefully" - probably not what you had in mind. Sorry to be commenting something that trivial, I enjoy your blog tremendously and try to apply what I can to my presentations. Thank you for all your time and effort!

Andrew Pratley

m64 - you're right. I'd often seen, and personally used, peruse in the opposite (i.e. wrong) context. have an addendum in the 'usage note' that states "...Sometimes people use it to mean "to glance over, skim," as in I only had a moment to peruse the manual quickly, but this usage is widely considered an error. In a 1988 survey, 66 percent of the Panel found it unacceptable, and in 1999, 58 percent still rejected it."


I've had a quick view to the site and seems all 'aronud the US'. No international references?

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