Dick Cavett on improving your speeches
Dr. King's last speech



oh my God! Page 71 is by far my favourite...


I suppose with the corporate weight behind these messages it doesn't matter that no one will understand them.
Sort of like the Emperor's new clothes. With Guy being the little boy ;)

Andrew Storrs

My eyes are bleeding...


That was the worst PowerPoint I have seen for years. And I have seen plenty of them (and delivered some myself).

How can anybody at Coca Cola put something this awful on their webpage!?!?

Thanks Garr for sharing this!

martin tolley

I've always been sceptical (I'm a brit) about the massive salaries paid to executives in big corporations, but now I guess I understand. I'd need billions of dollars/GBPs/Yen to sit beyond page 5. Imagine the test afterwards to see how much they remembered!


Hey, this was not the first time. There is a 5 year history of similar annual and interim report presentations at



Seems that coca is still a major ingredient of their sugared beverages.

Now, where can we see the video of this presentation? Should be hilarious to watch with a drink and your favorite-TV-watching-snack.
Best regards


Hey guys, your comments on this post are cracking me up :-)

I guess no one needs to buy a presentation/ppt book or take a presentations class. Just have everyone in your team (or class, etc.) "read" this ppt deck and then say "don't do that." Simple.


That's it? That presentation would be a little light on information for my organization. There's so much wasted space in every slide!


Now, these are obviously too much for an actual live presentation. But what about as a takeaway, or a download later after the presentation? Or is PowerPoint really the wrong format for those?


They could at least have been proofread by a different set of eyes. "Summery vs. Summary". Sometimes spell check cannot bail you out....

Laurie Bartels

Ouch, that was most displeasing to view. For us visual learners, it doesn't work as a pdf, surely won't work as a paper print out, and definitely wouldn't work displayed on a large screen as part of a live presentation. I shudder to think what the presenter did – read it?
I liked MacLemon's comment!


All these funny comments, but how about someone take on the task of recreating these monsters in a PZ format! Garr? Anyone?

I'd love to see this stuff done better.

Mark James Normand

HI Guys

As a competition idea -

What about if some of the readers and avid fans out there 're-design' these particular samples slides.A test our slide design skills?!

Who knows - the prize could be a free copy of Presentation zen for the best entry?

What do you think?


Daniel Beck

Ugh. (shudder shudder).


Ok, you could say uh and ah and thats wrong, etc. But the point really is - how to present financial results and market strategies. You don't need to convince/entertain the audience with cocafeelings or sell them idea or drive them somewhere - you need to discuss results.
So how (no bs, please:)

Jill Cadarette

I'm stressed.


For Neils, who asked how to present financial results? How about hand outs that contain just numbers - the tool is called Excel, not powerpoint.

And for market strategies I think you defenately need to convince the audience that it is the right move. You can not discuss results at that point.

Thomas E Moore

Perhaps you could help here. I've tried to use the presenter notes field as a way to provide supporting text for a printed version. An option in both PPT and Key is to print slides on upper page and notes on lower. However, the presenter notes feature barely supports plain text, and control of format is very much lacking, which makes things problematic. For example, there is no indication that the amount of text exceeds what can be printed on the lower half page, and no provision for continuation on another printed page. Microsoft and Apple could choose to make slidumentation a lot more appealing if they put some work into this aspect in future versions. Quite possibly, even Ed Tufte might grudgingly approve! If you recommend it, perhaps the vendors will take note!

five finger shoes

but now I guess I understand. I'd need billions of dollars/GBPs/Yen to sit beyond page 5.

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