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Notes on the summer '08 schedule

Appear Greetings once again from the island of O'ahu (making my way across the pond). The legendary jazz drummer Art Blakey once said "If you're not appearing, you're disappearing." This is one of my favorite quotes and is a mantra of sorts that I repeat often. All entrepreneurs know this to be true: if you want to get connected, you have to get out there...and make a contribution, or just learn something or meet someone new. Presentations are great opportunities for that. With this in mind, let me share a few appearances in the near future, some of which are open to the public.

Next week I'll be in San Francisco for a couple of days working with a documentary film maker who is making a Presentation Zen DVD for the publisher. Mostly I'll be in front of a green screen elaborating on some of the ideas in the book and blog. There will be more news about the DVD and the online versions in the future. I'll be doing a couple of presentations including presenting once again at Microsoft in Silicon Valley on Thursday. That's an internal talk, but the next day (Friday), I'll be speaking at the offices of Slideshare in the evening (not far from the Microsoft campus). After the presentation there is a book signing, food & drinks, etc. If you're in the Bay Area, I hope you can make it to Slideshare on Friday. (Here are the details on Facebook, or see the Slideshare blog.

I'll be in Nashville for the Voices That Matter Web Conference the week after that. Really looking forward to that. I'll be talking on Friday the 13th about the ideas of presentation zen in the context of web design, and frankly graphic design and communication in general.

Presenting in Wellington June 30 & July 1  
After a week or so back in Japan, I'll be heading to New Zealand for the first time to give two six-hour workshops for Webstock's Autumn series. This time I'm in Wellington only due to some tight scheduling, but I hope to be back soon to Auckland if there is demand. After the Wellington workshops I'll head over to Sydney for five days (July 2-7). No plans there yet, just a holiday in Australia, but if you're in Sydney and you need a presentation let me know.

Later on in the summer after returning to Japan from some presentations in the US (including one in Redmond), I'll be heading to India for about a week for 5-6 presentations and events. The schedule in India looks something like this: Aug 18-19 Bangalore (two talks), Aug 20-21 Mumbai (two talks), Aug 22-24 New Delhi (two talks and one press event). Some really cool people have put this tour together in India; there will be more details soon that I'll point you to.



Will be waiting in anticipation to hear how the tour goes and whether your message resonates with all the different folks. Please keep us current on what cultural differences, if any, you see reflected in peoples' concerns and questions.

Art Johnson

What are your plans for Redmond? Dates? Public appearances?


So when are you coming to Europe? :-)

Dan Hrstich

Hi Garr

I am a huge fan of your website. I also lived in Japan for three years and love Kansai. I am currently living in Wellington and would really have liked to have met you. I hope you enjoy Wellington & NZ.


Hi Garr,

Would any of your events in Mumbai be open to general public? I would be heartbroken to miss an opportunity to meet you and hear you speak when you are visiting Mumbai.



Hey Garr,
Can't wait for the India trip. Are these events going to be invite only? Then I have to get myself an invite, if it's free (obviously you'll be mobbed) but it would be awesome to meet you! I already bought your book too in anticipation!


Caroline Schneider

Yeah, Garr, when will you be coming to Europe??
Anyway, have a nice time travelling around and 'spreading' the Zen-gospel. We'll miss you and the blog and cover the time with reading ALL THE BOOKS on the 'recommended books'-list.
Take care.

the Weir

Hi Garr, looks like you've got some fun on the road. Have a great time, on all levels - and hi5 as many people as you can!

I hope you love NZ, my wife and I loved it and trust that Wellington will be good to you.

Safe travels.



Garr, you're killing me! You have to come to the East Coast. NYC is begging for you...I think I hear them chanting your name right now!


Hi Garr,

I am a longtime reader of your blog. I recently forced my friends in US to buy and send over the book to me in India. Its a GREAT book and must for any kind of presenters.

Can you post details about your India trip? I would like to join in any of the Bangalore events. You can say its must for me :)

If they are invite only, then let me know how to get an invite ;-)

Thanks. Imran


so youre in oahu but not presentations here?? :(


i wish you were stopping in Melbourne during your aussie trip.
The academic world down here is soo behind with presentation culture!


Hi Garr,

I was sad to see you enabled short RSS content, which makes your site impossible to read from an RSS reader. Is there a chance of turning the full RSS feed content back on?




How do I get me and a colleague invited to the Bangalore talk?

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