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Six pixels of separation: A conversation about presentations

Mitch_joel Mitch Joel is the President of the award-winning Digital Marketing agency Twist Image. Marketing Magazine dubbed him the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing” and in 2006 he was named one of the most influential authorities on Blog Marketing in the world. Mitch, from Canada, is also a great presenter and is in high demand for his informative and inspirational talks on issues such as marketing in today's world, digital marketing, personal branding, etc. Mitch has shared the stage with former US President Bill Clinton, Anthony Robbins, Dr. Phil, Sir Ken Robinson, and many more. Go to his speakers page on the Speakers' Spotlight to get more detail on Mitch and his speaking topics. Watch this sample video of Mitch on stage.

Sixpixels_logo Mitch Joel has a great blog called Six Pixels of Separation (a book by the same title is in the works as well). If you have any interest at all in marketing, branding, entrepreneurism, and new media then you really should checkout Six Pixels. But it's the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast that I really want to turn you on to. This week marks episode #102 and Mitch has an amazing following across the globe. I've been listening faithfully since January when I discovered SPOS (listen to episode #102 to find out how I learned about it). I love the freshness and rawness of the delivery and I always learn something new from Mitch's informal show. Go here to subscribe on iTunes, etc. Last week I had the honor of being Mitch's guest. Our conversation about presentations and communications in general ended up taking the entire podcast. Download the podcast to your iPod, etc. and give it a listen when you have some free time. It's just a frank conversation (me on a cell phone in Japan, Mitch on a phone back in Canada). Here's the link to podcast #102 on the SPOS page.


PODCAST: Digital Marketing guru Mitch Joel from Twist Image and Six Pixels of Separation called me from Canada last week to talk about presentations and other issues related to communications and marketing. Click map above to listen. (Time: 51:07).


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the Weir

Thanks for the tip, Garr.

Also, thanks for the map of Northern America...

It's all "over there" to us backwards folks in ye olde Europe! ;->

Charles Martineau

Hi Garr, If you ever come to montreal to visit Mitch and Twist Image let me know! Twist Image is located in a very cool place in Montreal and in Montreal there are tons of brilliant creative people. You would love it!

Mitch Joel - Twist Image


I don't know what to say, other than I am blown away by your kindness in terms of taking the time to share with the community. I love Podcasting mostly because it enables me to connect with people like you, and allows people like you to share your amazing gift with the world.

Your kind words about my presentation style are much appreciated, but would never be where they are were it not for all of the goodies I get from both this Blog and your book.

Many thanks :)


Hi Garr,

Thanks for posting this. I'm always looking for interesting podcasts so I'm looking forward to listening to some of Mitch's.



P.S. I'm hosting a blog carnival on public speaking and invite you to submit some of your posts - it would be great to have you (and your readers) participate. You can learn more at http://blog.jvf.com/2008/04/25/public-speaking-and-presentation-skills-blog-carnival/

Debbie Weil

Hi Garr,

I'm preparing for three different presentations coming up in the next week. I've been your fan for a while. But decided to watch your Google preso as a "warm up." It's wonderful... reassuring, provocative, inspirational. I've got your new book and have been meaning to get a review up on my blog. Promise to do soon.

In the meantime, kudos to Mitch Joel whom I know and have heard speak. He is dynamite! (We spoke together in Montreal).

Thanks again for your wonderful work.

Malcolm Bastien

Hi Garr,

I loved the podcast with the two of you. This was another one of those great examples of the great connecting that can be done spanning continents, but this time for the benefit of all us listeners as well.

Zac Martin


Just finished reading your book. I wish I could give a copy to every single academic at my university. Not only because the majority of them are hopeless presenters but because on a recent assignment I was forced to cram paragraphs of text onto slides for a "presentation".

I was wondering if you could perhaps help me out with two things.

1) What font(s) do you use on your slides? They seem very crisp, clear and easy to read. If they're not standard Windows fonts where can I find them?

2) Where can I find the background image used in the top right hand corner of page 123?

I can't wait until a presentation I have coming up (where I have a little more freedom) so I can tell my story and am looking forward to designing some kick ass slides.

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