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Webinar: Creating Powerful Presentations with Nancy Duarte

More about Nancy on the Duarte Design site The VizThink people hosted a cool Webinar recently with Nancy Duarte and it is now online for all to see. Lots of good tips in there by Nancy and some good Q&A at the end. (Here's a photo I snapped after Nancy's talk which she made live from her office at Duarte Design in Silicon Valley. Notice the audience she assembled above her display. I dropped by to get some pz books before heading to HP in Palo Alto and Nancy's assistant Paula prepared healthy snacks for me — such nice people!) Watch the webinar now.

Slideology_book on Amazon Slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations
In the webinar it's also the first time Nancy talked about her new book and gave the title:
Slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations (O'Reilly). I received a pre-release copy a few weeks ago and loved it. Slide:ology is not a how-to-use-slideware book, but it does teach solid fundamentals of how to make fantastic visuals that support your narrative. And Nancy knows what she's talking about. If she can help turn Al Gore into an Oscar-winning presenter, imagine what she can do for you (see sample slides from Al Gore's deck). Slide:ology is in full color and is as beautiful as it is illuminating and instructional. An absolute must-have book that will not only enhance your presentation and presentation-design skills but will make you a better visual-thinker in general. It's a good idea to pre-order it to ensure that you can get it as soon as it's released in September. This book is definitely going to make a dent in the universe...a very big dent. (By the way, notice anything about the front cover?)

A couple of more things...

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)
This is an updated version of the 'ol Where the Hell is Matt? video. (I first linked to Matt's original video presentation a couple of years ago in this post called Balls, cheekiness, cogs, independence, travel, & high boots). It appeals to me somehow (and many others). It's a simple video montage of his travels yet it touches and inspires viewers. So simple, so visual, so memorable. Evocative and inspirational. You'll enjoy it I'm sure (in high-rez this time).

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Presentations Roundtable podcast: Comedy and the art of presenting.
Podcast_ms While I was in Silicon Valley earlier this month I was able to chat again with Microsoft's Ric Bretschneider and Howard Cooperstein (I appeared with Nancy Duarte and Howard on Ric's first Podcast in December). This conversation went long so Ric edited it into two separate podcasts. This is part I. (Part II is coming soon.) We focused on the issue of stand-up comedy and how we can learn a lot about presentation in general from that art form. Howard knows a lot about the stand-up comedy world and is actually very funny. Ric and Howard are very smart and creative; it's a lot of fun to hangout with them. Kind of makes me want to go to work for Microsoft. (I mention at the start of the podcast the 12 or so languages that Presentation Zen will be translated in so far; that number will likely go up soon. Korean looks to be one of the first to come out.). Listen to podcast.

(Note: It's odd timing that I point to this podcast today. Last night one of America's greatest comedians George Carlin died of heart failure. He was just 71. Carlin was the first guest host ever on Saturday Night Live and I still remember how popular he was in the 60s and 70s when I was a kid — and he's still popular today. He was a true legend in his own time. Very sad to see him go. (Time Magazine: How George Carlin Changed Comedy.)


Joey Asher

We will miss George Carlin, not just for his comedy, but for his example as a speaker. He always had a point of view, which many corporate presenters lack. He always kept his messages simple. And he spoke with incredibly engaging passion.
Joey Asher
President, Speechworks.

Ric Bretschneider

Garr asked, with respect to the front cover of Slide:ology: "By the way, notice anything about the front cover?"

I've assumed that the silouette is of you Garr, but I kept forgetting to ask. Did I catch it?



Hey Ric. Yep, that is correct. I think it came from this photo at taken Duarte in March.


Flipped, silhouetted and with legs added. Not sure who's idea that was. I love the cover though (background texture is really nice). Seriously, this book is the best ever on making better visuals, etc.


haha i loved that cheeky comment about Al Gore. Great stuff as always.

Soonuk Jung


The Korean translation became available on June 20th, 2008. The book came out beautifully.

- Soonuk


Thanks for sharing Matt's video. This is quiet amazing: the simple, unique and brilliant idea and so powerful.

Jon T

I'm thrilled for Nancy's book and have already pre-ordered it. Also, Matt's video is one of the most inspiring videos I've ever seen. If there's ever a person who says they can't find an original way to present their information, show them Matt's videos. Many people show their friends pictures and tell anecdotes about the places they traveled - Matt took a different route and turned the idea of presenting upside down. Gives me chills every time.

Daniel Green

Sydney Morning Herald: The jig's up for Matt as dance goes global


More on Matt dancing...

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I've assumed that the silouette is of you Garr, but I kept forgetting to ask. Did I catch it

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I did purchased Nancy's book,I just wanna say that its highly valuable and could help you no matter wether you are an expert or not.

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