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I announced in June (and again last week) that I would be presenting in Bangalore, Mumbai, and New Delhi beginning on August 18. The interest and response from people in India was tremendous. Unfortunately, I have to report today that it has been decided that the presentations in India will be moved to January 09 instead of later this month. The Presentation Zen tour is not canceled, it is postponed. I am very sorry for this sudden change. The organizers involved felt that due to two issues beyond our control — a possible delay in obtaining necessary travel documents coupled with an increased threat perception in some of the cities —  it was wise to postpone the tour to ensure the best possible experience for everyone concerned. The month of January 09 is the soonest my schedule opens up; the tentative dates are January 12-17. As soon as dates are firmed up Crucial Moments and I will make an announcement. Again, I am very, very sorry for the sudden change in dates, but I also very much look forward to my first trip to the incredible nation of India at the beginning of the new year. I hope to see you then. Thanks so much to my friends in India who have given me much encouragement and support. Much appreciated.

Abhinav_Bindra_Gold Side note: Congratulations must go out to India's Abhinav Bindra today. Wow! I loved his interview with the press (watch the video). He showed great humility and perspective while still exhibiting a natural confidence. Great story and a true and humble champion.



Great it would be awesome to have you here!
Namaste and welcome.


Garr am so sure you'll love India...wish I could attend as well...wishing you loads of fun from Nuremberg..


Great! Welcome to India Garr.


Hello Garr,
Would love to attend, but costs are prohibitively expensive. But I guess for someone as popular as you, it is justified.
Would have been a pleasure to meet you? Maybe when I am higher up in the ladder.



Thanks everyone. Natti, which city are you in? Yes, these things are not cheap. I'm sorry. However, I will try to do something in each city that is free or very low cost (such as shorter preso at a university, or a book signing, etc.).

Also, very, very sorry for the sudden schedule change. It was not my idea, but I support the decision to delay due to the circumstances mentioned above. With more time to plan we can make the tour now even better. Thanks very much for your understanding...


thanks a lot


Hello Garr,
I live in Bangalore. Really appreciate your effort to conduct other less expensive events. Hope the organizers are able to put it into your schedule. There many bookstores in Bangalore which would be glad to have you for a book signing session. Some of the popular and appropriate ones in Bangalore would be Crossword(Brigade Road), Landmark(in Forum Mall) or Oxford Bookstore(in Leela Palace, you might just end up staying there).



Hi Garr,

Any delay is worth the wait to hear you talk in person!!!

public speaking tips

Sad news for Indian people,but anyway,there's nothing to lose and everything to gain.I hope that you consider making a tour not only in India but also all over the world.


Looking forward to meet you in india.
Greetings form India


What about visiting Kolkata?
We would be waiting to meet you here...

Gilda Bonanno

I think it will be wonderful for you to visit India. I just returned from conducting training programs in leadership and career development for a corporate client in Bangalore. The programs included a module on communication and presentation skills - and I applied the Presentation Zen principles to my slides. The participants responded very well to the training and the concepts of "less is more" and "visuals beat bullets."
They were very eager to learn and very engaged in the training. This was my 10th trip to India and each time, I'm amazed by the diversity of the country and the resilience of the people. Have a wonderful trip!

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