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Photography and the connection

Many of you will enjoy this short TED presentation by David Griffin, the photo director for National Geographic. The delivery is not remarkable (he's better when he's not reading the script), but he makes many good points and a few of the photos will blow your mind (especially the section on the seals and penguins). I like his point too about the power of telling the general by focusing on the particular. The power of the image to make a connection and tell a story is indeed unlimited. We many not aspire to become a professional photographer, but we can all benefit by acquiring a deeper knowledge of the art and utility of great photography and by carefully observing the masters. Perhaps this little presentation below will inspire you in some small measure.



Wow - I just love the picture taken of the comet in New Zealand....and it was taken by an amateur!

Thanks - Chris

Caroline Schneider

Sure: to take pictures and 'learing' the rule of thirds practically does help to create better picture slides in PowerPoint or Keynote. At least it helps me a lot.

Kiran Kumar PY Pilly

Amazing Video.

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