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Presentation Zen in 13 languages (other than English)

Vienna_bookstore When you are trying to spread an idea virus across the world, it's difficult to do if your ideas are confined to a single language. Obviously, most people in the world do not speak English. Unfortunately, my native language of English is the only one in which I feel comfortable enough to write a book (or blog). But all hail the translators of the world! At this writing I'm happy to report that the original English version of the Presentation Zen book will be translated into at least thirteen other languages. Many are already on the shelves or will be later in the year or early in 2009. Here's the list so far: Czech, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Below are covers from four of the translations (Korean, Italian, Chinese, and German).

Korean   Italian

Chinese   German

Reaching a wider audience
on amazon.frCulture, context, and perspectives matter, so sometimes I wonder how well the simple ideas in the book can be translated into another language. I wonder if some ideas will be taken too seriously and others not seriously enough. Translation is not an easy task, in fact it's very hard, but the translators and designers have done a fantastic job with the original book. Last week the book was published in French (cover shown right). I am very happy that the book will have a much wider audience now in places like France, Belgium, Quebec, etc. You can download the foreword and chapter one on the Pearson France website. Here's a link to the French version on (and a comment to readers in France here).

The approach

Every week I get several emails from PZ readers from around the world who share their success stories about making presentations in the "Presentation Zen style." Today I heard from a graduate student in Beijing, a student in Holland, and from author Roger C. Parker who talked about the experience on his blog. Some people send me pictures of themselves with the PZ book from around the world. I love these photos. I have not updated the flickr page in a while, but if you have a photo of yourself with the book please send it in an email or send the link and I'll put it up on this page. Love to hear from you.



As much as I try, I can't find the Czech translation of the book :(


Ondrej: Yes, good point. What I should have said is the rights were sold to at least 13 -- this does not always mean they will do it right away. I'll look into it. Thanks! -g


My very compliments Garr!
I'm Italian and I read PZ in English. It's hard that to found an Italian publisher able to intercept an world-wide known essay as is your book. Who will be this meritorious publisher?

Roberto Cohen

Hi, Garr..

You deserve this success by your hard jog of maintain blog, write a book etc.

Hugs from Brazil

Roberto Cohen

Dave O

Please tell us more about the "2.0" on the Chinese version.
It is ironic that the covers of each of these moves away from the ideals you wrote about in the book; a little decoration here, a sprinkle of publisher brand there.

Pierre Clause

Livre commandé sur pour pouvoir partager la bonne parole plus facilement avec mon entourage !

Hello Garr,

Great to have the book in french now; it will definitely help a lot in order to share broadly your views overhere.

I have been reading your blog for a long time, and I love to implement your advice as much and as often as I can !

Any plans to come to France in the next few months ?

Art Johnson

Great and well-deserved success, Garr!

As a side note, years ago I developed an award-winning newsletter. Roger C Parker's books surved as an inspiration for the design and then for some further advertising that I did for another business.

Life's interconnections are amazing.


The German title reminds me of Pirsig's 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' (in German: 'Zen und die Kunst ein Motorrad zu warten'). Was this done on purpose?

Knut O.E. Pankrath

You might like to read my german review of the german version on my businessblog

A big hello from Berlin,
Knut O.E. Pankrath


Thanks Pierre -- A note to French readers:

Un petit mot à l'intention de mes amis français: depuis la création de ce blog, j'ai eu le plaisir de recevoir de nombreux messages de visiteurs français, et plus récemment de lecteurs de mon livre. Merci pour tous vos encouragements ! Aujourd'hui, je suis très fier de vous annoncer que Présentation Zen est maintenant disponible en français dans vos librairies ou sur Internet. J'espère qu'il vous plaîra. Et j'ai hâte de venir un jour en France pour faire une présentation et vous rencontrer. Merci encore à vous!


I'm happy to see PZ translated into French. That being said, I found that the book reads really well in English for us non-native speakers. The sentences are clear, articulate and well-structured, the vocabulary is accurate, neither elitist nor colloquial. I read most of my books in English and I find this a rare quality.
I'll be looking forward to hearing you in Paris though


My name is Emilio and Im from Spain. Im looking for the Presentation Zem spanish version. Where can i buy it?


Pierre Clause

Hello Garr,

I received the book in french and re-read it. The french version "tastes" well, and it will now be easier for me to share your advice with my business colleagues.
I truly enjoy seeing the same book cover with different languages/signs on it.
It gives a good indication that what you have achieved is "truly global".

[email protected]

The url below links with my post on "heuristicblog"

All the best - and hopefully see you in France some day !

Wilson Yin

Not so sure if the Chinese typeface is working for ya. That's more like a "serif" like of face which clashes with the aesthetics of the book design.


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