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Where-the-hell-is-Matt presentation (Ignite style)

Matt's website Below is a nice little Ignite presentation by Matthew Harding, the "Matt" behind the Where the Hell is Matt video presentations that have been an internet phenomenon. This Ignite-style presentation took place last month in Seattle at Gnomedex 08. The Ignite method limits presentations to five minutes: 20 slides, 15 seconds for each slide which are advanced automatically (yeah, a method kind of like Pecha Kucha, except easier to pronounce). Matt does a good job for his first time, and I love the final seconds of the clip (after the abrupt ending). What is it about that song and groups of people dancing. I am so there for next year's Gnomedex — looks like a blast (hope someone invites me...).

How the Hell Did Matt Get People to Dance With Him?

In case you have not seen Matt's "Where the Hell is Matt" simple and evocative videos, you can check them out below. And even if you have seen them before, they're worth a look again.

Where the Hell is Matt (2008)
Below is the third version of the WTHIM video presentation. The difference — and what makes it another notch better — is that he does not dance alone. (Even better in HD.)

Where the Hell is Matt (2006)
Below is the second WTHIM video. This time he got sponsorship. This went up in 2006.

Where the Hell is Matt (2005)

Below is the original which was made in 2003-2004 and posted, without any expectation of fame, in 2005.

Download these videos free
on the Stride Gum website. The HD video looks fantastic! Download it to your hard disk and put on some headphones. No matter what kind of day you are having, this 4:28 video presentation will make you smile. Very well done.


Holly Hoffman

Oh, man! How awesome is that?! I love his videos, so it was cool to see how he found the people and places to dance. You just never know how cool a conference is goint to be, I guess.

David Cosand

Thank you for posting the Ignite presentation. You're right. The last few moments are wonderful. It reminds me how most of us want to be part of community and joyous expression.

Everyone I've ever shown Matt's videos to has watched with a smile on their face and have - mostly unconsciously - moved along with him.

As a teacher and a father, I see this desire daily in my students and kids. The opportunity to feel significant and part of something of substance is huge...even if it's just kicking up your feet in a silly dance.

By the way, Garr, you have impacted me greatly this school year as I prepare presentations for my students and professional development sessions. My background, prior to teaching, is in graphic design. That foundation never really connected to my presentations until I happened upon your work, though.
Thank you.

Jon Thomas

Matt's videos are a huge inspiration and a great "alternative" way to present. He could have used a bunch of bullet points to list all the places he's been - luckily he didn't. I use his videos as a prime example of presenting alternatively.

Jon Thomas

By the way - he had a great PowerPoint too! The stick figures were really funny, especially the slide with him and his girlfriend. You don't have to be an art school graduate to make an effective presentation - you just have to connect with the audience, which can be done in many different ways.


Loved your take on it. I put a bit of a marketing spin on his approach. Thanks for the link!

John Spaith

For all PowerPoint gets bashed, if you know what you're doing with it you can make magic.

The only suggestion I'd have here would be to have one 20 second slide (or maybe 2) where he shuts up and says just a few words, "the money shot" he wants us to walk away with, then lets the picture & silence & pace variation give time for the message to sink in. Nit picky though, overall a great performance.


I really like how simple his slides are and also like the hand written part. I have to admit that I am a fan of beautiful slides (Garr always has great ones), but they were very effective I thought.

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Good work as an alternative way of presentation


Well I gotta download your video. Thanks for sharing it. I gotta find Matt too.:)

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