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Singularity Summit '08 in San Jose, CA October 25

BannerI've heard from many people over the past year about the Singularity Summit being held this month in California. Unfortunately, I can not get away from Japan during that week in October, but I think many of you may be interested in this summit. (The summit curator, Tyler Emerson, attended the PZ book signing party at Duarte Design in March and he has actually been quite the evangelist for the book and for the idea of presenting differently, powerfully, visually, etc.) The first Singularity Summit was held at Stanford University in 2006. This year's summit — the third — will be held in San Jose. If you can get to Silicon Valley on October 25, this looks like an interesting conference. What is the Singularity Summit? This is from the conference website: "The Singularity Summit gathers the smartest people around to explore the biggest ideas of our time. Learn where humanity is headed, meet the people leading the way, and leave inspired to create a better world."

Watch this four-minute video (below) with the summit curator Tyler Emerson to get a better feel for the contents of the conference. And checkout the website here for more information. If you follow this special link you can get 15% off the registration fee.

Higher rez version
of the video.


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