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PZ translations (redux)

The Dutch and French versions of PZ have been out for a while, but I just received my copies today. The Dutch version is slightly narrower and taller than the English version. The French version has a glossy finish on the cover. The Dutch and French teams did a fantastic job. (I snapped this pic below on my iPhone and put it up here on Posterous. In French: Présentation zen : Pour des présentations plus simples, claires et percutantes. In Dutch: PresentatieZen: De kracht van eenvoud bij het ontwerpen en geven van presentaties. I also approved the cover of the Portuguese version earlier this week; not sure of the publishing date yet. I hope to make it to Europe for a lot of presentations/seminars in the summer of 09 (and possibly in January of 09.) In other translation news, the Japanese version should be ready by May 09. I'm much more involved in the Japanese translation and design and I'll be adding some additional content, etc.




nice! But when does the chinese edition come out, I like read you blog. I hope some day I can buy chinese edition of this book.


And spanish?


Please let us know when you visit Paris. I'd be glad to hear you there.

Jan Schultink


I love these international differences. The Dutch tag line reads "the power of simplicity in the design and delivery of presentations", a bit different from the English one.

This French word percutant is great: hard-hitting, punchy, colloquial (


Yeah, Garr! What about spanish?
Send me a mail when you come to Spain, please. Do you want to come to a user group meeting without budget to pay you.
Best regards,

Pedro Ricart

Hey Garr when the spanish version of your book will be release?




Hey garr,


Nice to know there is a dutch version of your book! I will check it out.

J. Eunoia Cheng

I actually just get the Chinese (traditional) edition. It's fasinating. I particular brought the book only by reading the foreword:)


Hey Garr, How about the Simplified Chinese Version? Is there any guys translating it?


Hi, Garr.

Did the publisher send you the copies of Korean translation?


Thanks everyone. Yes, a simplified Chinese version is coming (not sure when but soon) as is Spanish.

Got the Korean version -- the cover is beautiful (embossed). Korean version is very, very nice. Well done!

Arigatou! -g

Lars Thostrup

Hi Garr
Love your book, and dont expect you to translate it into Danish as we are just 5 million of us... ;-)

I really hope that your trip to Europe will include Denmark! :-)


Sebastiano Mereu

And what about the "Swiss German" version ;-)

Cheers from Switzerland ...sebi

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