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Because it's Christmas: Two (OK, three) video presentations

Here are two Christmas-related video presentations that take quite different approaches to conveying their message (and a third video thrown in just in case you have not seen it and need to smile today). The two examples below contain at their core, messages which are evocative and provocative (and almost by definition will not be agreeable to all viewers).

Advent Conspiracy Promo Video
This is another example of a message being expressed with kinetic type plus images (mostly simple vector images) without any voice over. Yet, the message gets across. The Advent Conspiracy website. (H/T Brendon.)

Happy Christmas
I pointed to this last year. When I first saw it then I was not expecting this visual presentation and was surprised and then moved to tears (as most people are). Some images may be disturbing to some viewers, yet this visual treatment — as unhappy as it is — is surely truer to the original message contained in the song. (This is not a video for small children. A longer higher-rez version which contains documentary footage of John and Yoko is here.)

An animated White Christmas (The Drifters version)
While the first two videos make you think (and feel something), this video just makes you feel (good I hope). At one time there was a beautiful Flash version of this on the Internet, but this YouTube version should do the trick. (Update: Yeah! Flash version lives -- much better! Thanks Matthias!)


Alan Schmitt

Thanks for sharing these movies, they're amazing.

Would you have a tool to recommend to build a kinetic type movie or presentation?

Matthias Daues

Hello Garr, hello fellow readers, the higher resolution flash-version is still out there. You can find the file "merryxmas.swf" at "".

Regards, and a merry christmas to you and your families,



@Alan Schmitt

Usually thay are using Adobe After Effects.

Here you can find tutorials:

Jakub G

Alan Schmitt

Thanks for the link. Seems awfully complex...


It's a great clip and I fully support it's intentions but does anyone else find the numbers on water hard to believe ?

'Only' $10 Billion to fix drinking water WORLDWIDE? That seems incredibly low considering how big a problem this is.

Also, US450 Billion per year on Xmas in the US ? Granted I have not been to the US at Xmas, but that equates to $1,500 per man woman and child for the entire population ... really ?

- Dean

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