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Lance Armstrong video presentation: "Kickin' cancer's sorry arse."

Lance's livestrong website Below is a short video presentation by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This is a wonderful, uptempo presentation with an important message that is inspiring people to action. I love the technique of splicing different pieces of numerous Lance Armstrong speeches and appearances over the years into a dynamic but clear narrative, followed by a similar splicing effect featuring several inspiring cancer survivors. Inspirational, clear, and memorable. It's the kind of video presentation that gets noticed, remembered, and moves people toward action. You can't watch this and not want to be part of the cause. Watch the video on YouTube below.

"We believe that unity is strength, knowledge is power,
and attitude is everything."

                                     — Lance Armstrong Foundation

Lance at Web 2.0 Conference
Below is a clip from a keynote interview Lance did at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco about a month ago. He talks about many different things including his comeback and the site (a wonderful site focused on health and fitness; the best I've seen.) The sound is a bit rough, but there are some interesting things in there for leaders and others motivated to achieve at their highest potential.

Live Strong  (.org)  — Lance Armstrong Foundation
Live Strong (.com)
health, fitness and lifestyle
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