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Benjamin Zander at Pop!Tech 2008: How Fascinating!

Live PZ webcast December 15 (free)

Webcast On Monday, December 15 I will be giving a free live webcast for Safari Books Online. The time is 2:00pm on the west coast of the US, 5:00pm on the east coast. (This will be Tuesday, December 16 at 7:00am for me here in Japan.) Wherever you are around the world I hope you can join live as there will be a chance to ask questions. If the time is not convenient for you, the archive of the webcast will be available about 72 hours after the live event. Registration is free.

Screen_shot I have been asked to essentially talk about the contents of the book. I will indeed talk about the themes and ideas covered in the book, however, I have entitled the presentation How to Think Like a Designer (and why it matters). The applications of the items I discuss will focus on presentations, particularly presentations that are given with the aid of slideware, but the ideas can be applied to other types of presentations and even other types of disciplines such as web design and professional communications of all types. I have come up with a list of 10 ways to "think like a designer" with examples for each and applications for presentation design. Yet, there are of course more than 10 things we can learn from designers that may help us in our own work, so if you'd like to share your list — or even just a few tips of your own — please share those below. I appreciate your comments. Look forward to connecting with you during the webcast.

Safari Books Online. (See the archives of previous talks on the left of the Safari page under "previous events.")



I can't seem to get the registration link to work. I would be interested in tuning into this webinar if I can the registration done somehow.

Is the registration limited to US only?


The webcast will be a bit late for me in Europe who am going to work the following day. Where will the archived version be published?


>>>>I can't seem to get the registration link to work. I would be interested in tuning into this webinar if I can the registration done somehow.

>>>>Is the registration limited to US only?

I've sent your comment to the organizers. Anyone else have problems signing up? -g


looking foward to this too
it requires a difernt thinking strategy time after time it is nice to have some anchor points


I haven't had problems signing in (from Germany) - the registration code (!) will only work on the day itself, if that's the problem...

I'm very much looking forward to next monday and hope that my internet connection at home will be fast enough (as I won't be at the office at 2300hrs).

See you, Garr!


I can't seem to get the registration link to work.



I noticed that when I click on the computer photo the registration page opens fine, but when you then click on REGISTER nothing seems to happen as you suggest. But actually the page is opening *behind* your open window. Just close the window and you will see the registration page (or just click on "registration is free."

Thanks! -g

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