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Visualization of the credit crisis

Are you still trying to get your head around the complexities of the global economic crisis? A lot of people have been trying to explain different aspects of the financial crisis in "simple terms" though not always with great success. I pointed to this whiteboard presentation by Paddy Hirsch in October called "Financial Crisis 101: CDOs explained" which does a good job explaining a complex issue (obviously not in great depth) while using a whiteboard for illustrating the concepts. Today Leonardo pointed me to a very interesting fast-paced presentation called "The Crisis of Credit Visualized." The presentation was created by Jonathan Jarvis, a designer and graduate student from Los Angles. At times the pace may even be a bit too fast, and the sound effects too numerous, but I say well done, Jarvis. You may get some ideas from this presentation; definitely worth a look. Short and simple overview.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.


Jan Schultink

This is another (great) example of a new presentation "discipline" that is emerging: getting your message across without a presenter being present. Mixing "Zen" presentation and traditional film/TV animation techniques to get to a communication vehicle that is clear and captivating at the same time (preventing you to click away mid-way, an option a polite person does not have when sitting in alive presentation)

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