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April 7: Speaking at Apple Store Ginza in Tokyo

Next week I'll be up in Tokyo meeting with friends to talk about TEDx Tokyo. In the evening of April 7 I'll be giving a presentation in the Apple Store theatre in Ginza. The presentation will be in yasashi English with key concepts appearing in Japanese on the visuals. If you are in Tokyo next week I'd love to see you there. The presentation starts at 7:00pm.

Apple_store_4-7 (click for larger size)

Summer Schedule 09
Since we're talking about public presentations, below are a few more talks that are open to the public. (I'm keeping the summer presentation schedule very light so I can finish up the Presentation Zen Design book by early Fall.)

 • Synergy 2009. May 4-7, Las Vegas (USA)
I'm really pumped about this one. I'll be opening the Synergy Conference early in the morning on the 4th, then I have to quickly jet back to Japan immediately after the talk. My talk is not about presentations but about broader themes related to the power of simplicity and thinking differently about business and technology in the cloud space (a topic in which I have great interest). There is some amazing stuff going on right now, especially in the enterprise cloud computing space. I'm a big fan of Citrix and their CEO Mark Templeton (who is an excellent presenter); it's going to be an honor to share the stage with Mark at Synergy 09.

 • From Business to Buttons: Designing for Effect. June 11-12, Malmö (Sweden)
According to the event organizers, Business to Buttons "is the meeting place in Europe for interaction designers, business strategist and usability experts. If you want to expand your business, and become a leader in the UX field, there is no better place to get the tools and inspiration." I'm very excited to making my first trip to Sweden.

 • Webstock Autumn seminar series in New Zealand (dates not set, but looks like early July)
I was not planning on going to NZ this summer but I can't say no to the Webstock guys, and who can pass up a chance to go to New Zealand? NZ is one of the coolest places on the planet. We'll post the details soon, but looks like half-day PZ seminars in the first week of July. Webstock is fantastic organization. Pics from last year's seminars in Wellington on Flickr.

 • Tableau's Customer Conference. July 20-23, Seattle (USA)
This is a great conference not too far from my US hometown that's billed as "...three days of information, interaction, insight and inspiration" for visualization fanatics. They have some great speakers lined up including Stephen Few. I'm a big fan of Stephen's work. See the speakers.


David Hughes

Do you ever come to the UK? Whilst I'd love to revisit the Apple Store in Ginza I don't think I can run to that this year ;-)


i am assuming the apple ginza store talk is free. could you confirm?


>i am assuming the apple ginza store talk is free. could you confirm?

Yes, Apple Store presentations are free.

Ganesh Sethuraman

Enjoyed your presentation yesterday, to add to your good illustrations about simplicity here's another quote you could use:

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" - Albert Einstein


Garr, just missed your Tokyo presentation. You coming back anytime soon?

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