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Two presentations on chemicals & the environment

When I was 17, before Macintosh was even invented, I gave my first multimedia presentation using two 35mm projectors. My topic concerned the environment and the dangers of air and water pollution. Maybe this is why I have a special interest in presentations related to health and cleaning up the environment. So earlier this week I was delighted when Christine, a PZ reader from the US, pointed to this interesting presentation by Ken Cook, the Founder of the Environmental Working Group. His delivery and slides were pretty good (though online some of the info can be a bit hard to see on some slides). One thing you'll notice is that he occasionally used a full-sized video clip for the background image rather than a still photo (these are short clips; you can see them loop back to the beginning). This is something an app like Keynote can handle easily, including animated text over the video. Ken stated a lot of facts that frankly needed the sources cited. Many audiences will demand that the sources for a statistic appear on the slide itself, but at the very least you have to say what your source is before you show the data. This is not a perfect talk, but a good one. I hope you find it useful.

William McDonough: What's your intention?
Ken Cook's talk reminded me a bit of one of my favorite TED talks by Bill McDonough. Bill's 2005 talk is not one of my favorites because of the delivery, but rather for the content and the story. Bill's delivery style below is not as engaging as some others, and I'd much prefer he had used a remote and moved away from the computer (and took a drink of water), but his content and stories very much connected with the live audience. There is a lot of good content in this talk, so much so that you may miss it the first time. This is important stuff. My favorite bit is at the end when he shows an example of one of the cities they are building in China. This is not a perfect talk either, and the delivery style is very different than the talk above by Ken Cook, but I find the content of this talk and Bill's mission to be very to be inspiring and memorable...and so do a lot of other people.


Bill's book Cradle to Cradle (very good)
Duarte Design now does Bill's slides
Steven Spielberg to make movie about "Cradle to Cradle"



Great post for Earth Day! Thanks Garr, i missed these lecture at TED all these years. About his presentation style? well a little cocky dont you think? still he has a lot of presence on stage other wise how could he convince governments and corporations.

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