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TEDxTokyo this Friday in Japan

Tedxtokyoposter The unveiling of TEDxTokyo is this Friday at Miraikan — Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (down by Tokyo Bay). A ton of work has gone on in preparation for this event and the organizers Todd Porter and TEDster Patrick Newell have done an amazing job lining up a wonderful list of presenters here in Japan. Here you can download a PDF of the schedule and see who the presenters are.

The TEDxTokyo Themes
The day is organized around four themes:

  Session 1  How can we organize ourselves to make a difference?
  Session 2  What does it mean to be a learner today?
  Session 3  How do we use finite resources to propel ourselves in the future?
  Session 4  How does today decide tomorrow, from local & global perspectives.

Watch TEDxTokyo live
The registration for the event in Tokyo filled up a long time ago, but in the spirit of TED, TEDxTokyo is geared up to make the presentations available live of the web. Go here to watch the event live.

Follow TEDxTokyo on Twitter
TEDxTokyoYou can follow the day in Tokyo on Twitter in English (@tedxtokyo) and Japanese (@tedxtokyo_ja), and I'll be posting pics from my iPhone as much as I can (@presentationzen). I am heading up to Tokyo today and will be working with some of the presenters on Thursday.

TED Talks available in over 40 languages (and growing)
One of the coolest things announced this year is the TED Open Translation Project. Go here to see a list of talks available with translation. Below are a couple of my favorite talks from the past with translation. On the bottom of each video you can scroll to see if your language is there. Select your language and the subtitles will appear. (If you do not see your language, perhaps you can volunteer to be a translator.) What a valuable resource for those of us who want to share TED in Japan (and elsewhere around the world). It's all about the sharing of ideas.

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