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Portuguese & Finnish PZ books now available

The Presentation Zen book is now out in about 13 languages other than English. Portuguese and Finnish versions have just been been released.

Apresentação Zen: Idéias Simples Sobre O Design de Apresentações e Performances
I have a couple of copies of the Portuguese version of PZ. The Alta Books people did a great job with the design; the book feels really nice in the hand. Below is an iPhone snap of the cover and the opening to Chapter 3 (Planning Analog). The book is available here.


Esityksen suunnittelu - zen ja pelkistämisen taito
I have not received a copy of the Finnish version yet, but the image below is of the back and front covers. You can see more information on the Finnish version here.


Other news (sort of related but not really)

Videos of the presentations are up from the From Business to Buttons conference held in Sweden last week.
One of the design students in Malmö, "Soo" (Sunandini  Basu), drew these sketches of all the presentations to give you a feel for the content. Check out Soo's other sketches on her website.



No news about Spanish version?



Hi Garr,

Thank you - Kiitos!

For over a year I have promoted your book to my friends and colleagues in Finland after your book and presentation changed the way I see, create and deliver presentations.



Is the Portuguese version Brazilian or European (Portugal)? The language is the same, but the vocabulary is a little different. And this little difference sometimes makes reading difficult . . .


Finnish version of your book is named in pretty official way. Direct translation would be "Planning an presentation" - not even half of the coolness of "Presentationzen"... but this could be just one of the oddities of business book markets in Finland :)


This is the Brazilian Portuguese for sure. Planejamento is Brazilian, the true word is Planeamento !

Anyway, it's a good start.

I'm Portuguese (from Portugal) and I bought the book a long time ago, in it's English version.


I'm also Portuguese,from Portugal :) and still I've bought the english version.
I still prefer the original version.
And that is for sure Brazilan version of the book. Planejamento is used in Brazil. In Portugal we use Planeamento.

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