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The other day I was watching this interview with Eric Schlosser on The Colbert Report. Schlosser is the author of Fast Food Nation and was on Colbert to promote a new documentary called Food, Inc. which opened last week. I have not seen the film, but it looks interesting indeed. Check out the trailer below.

10 simple things you can do

After seeing the trailer I became curious and poked around the Food, Inc. website a bit. On the website I found a list called "10 simple things you can do to change our food system" (by "our" they mean USA).You can see the list here presented as a postcard for download. Just as an exercise I took this list of "10 things" and made them into ten slides that could be a part of a lesson of sorts. I put these slides -- which I whipped up quite quickly -- on Obviously the slides alone raise as many questions as they answer. And while the main points are simply tips or advice, the second lines make claims that really need the sources cited. Still, more than anything this was merely an exercise in making visuals that may be used in a future Ignite talk.

Mark Bittman on what's wrong with what we eat
The Food, Inc. trailer and the focus of the movie reminded me of a good TED talk I heard a while back from New York Times food writer Mark Bittman. In this talk below -- which contains a fair amout of visuals -- Bittman discusses what's wrong with the way many of us eat (too much meat, too few plants; too much fast food, too little home cooking, etc.). I think this TED talk is worth 18-min of your time. Bittman's NYT's column is called The Minimalist.

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Jan Schultink

I like your charts, but would consider separating the subtitle of each of the 10 points (the "blurb" with supporting data) in a separate data slide. Tripling of obesity rates over time is a very powerful column chart for example, or visualize 365 soft drinks with losing 25 lbs in weight.

Paolo Pelloni

Garr, great post.
I am a big fan of yours and a Public Speaking Coach too. But this subject is so relevant to me that I want to leave the presentation world for a minute and give a further reading on it (for people that want to know more).
Raj Patel ( has an amazing book Stuffed and Starved which is really worth reading and it will move you. It did move me.

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