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Pz_tv Last June, I made a trip from Osaka to San Francisco to film a video version of the PZ book. The results of those days spent in the San Francisco studio will be available on a DVD sold on Amazon and in book stores etc. from June 25. The DVD comes with Spanish, Japanese (and English cc) subtitles. The video is 50-minutes long and is essentially a video version of the book with many of the same examples. If you have the PZ book already I do not recommend that you get the video too (unless money is no object, in which case feel free to buy a million copies). But if you know someone who does not have the Presentation Zen book — and they are unlikely to slow down long enough to go through such a book — then the video may be very useful. The video is not a presentation on stage in front of an audience. Rather, it's just me talking to you about the core themes of the book with loads of examples (most of which are from the book). On the Peachpit site you can see a 2-min clip from the video.


The making of the DVD

Garr_dvd It would have been easier if I read a script off a teleprompter in the studio, but that's not how we did it. Instead we spent over two days in the studio as I spoke to the camera about the three elements of a presentation — the preparation, design, and delivery — in front of a green screen. I had no visuals or bullets, etc. in front of me except for some key words on the MacBook — all the slides and background visuals and effects were added later in post production.

Below you can see some of the outtakes arranged by Mary Sweeney in Berkeley. These outtakes appear on the right of the screen as the credits roll on the left
at the end of the DVD.


Again, if you have the book, you do not need the DVD. But this instructional video may be useful to schools and organizations or to individuals who have not been exposed yet to this approach to presenting.



The bit on the outtake when you say "I'm only hot here and it is where my brain is" is priceless. This looks excellent. Great idea.

Roberto Cohen


Watching the movie - first of page - everything seems simple. But the outtakes shows like this thought could be very wrong.

Congratulations for the DVD ideia.

Roberto Cohen
Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul

Michael Sporer

Nice to see that you are not pushing purchasing the DVD for those who own the book. Shows integrity! Integrity breeds credibility. You have my respect, sir.......

Charles Martineau

hey garr! I really think I'll get your dvd because as a former student of yours (winter 07 at KG); and of course big fan of your blog and book, I think it would be great to show your DVD to my new employer (Export Development of Canada). My co-workers have to do tons of presentations and I did talked about your book and blog but they are so busy with other stuff I think your dvd would be awesome for them to share (they can easily watch it during flights or train ride to other cities). So yep! I think its a great idea and I'll grab a copy. Keep up the good work and can't wait for your new book.

Rob Fuller (mubix)

Thank you for including the outtakes video. You know it's amazing the kind of confidence that you can instill in people by showing them your own messups. And to see someone who is a professional speaker make mistakes, even one, it is a huge confidence builder and stabilizer.

Thanks for sharing,
Rob Fuller | Mubix | |

Seth Dickens

Hi There,

Great idea (producing a DVD) for us teachers. I'm planning on teach of high school kids here in Italy how to improve their presentations.

Two questions:

1) Will the video have companion materials to help teachers exploit it fully?

2) Any plans to release a version with Italian subtitles (would be very much appreciated and needed here!)



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