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Typefaces give us signals

I'm a big fan of Eric Spiekermann (see this older post on Helvetica). So I was happy to get a tip from Thorsten Happel in Germany about this cool remix below called Typefaces Give Us Signals. Watch it below or on Vimeo.

Typefaces give us signals from erik spiekermann on Vimeo.

Below is the original video made for the BBC nearly 25 years ago from which the audio clips from Eric Spiekermann were remixed to create something more appropriate for our time. Although elementary, the video below is still good stuff even today. So, are you a typomaniac? If you are, you will surely enjoy the documentary Helvetica.

"If letters are the clothes that words wear, then it surely follows that there must be as many typefaces as there are voices, languages, and emotions."

                    — Erik Spiekermann



Great quote on the second video:

"Helvetica: the one typeface designed to show no feelings..."

That's the same way I feel about Arial.


>"Helvetica: the one typeface designed to show no feelings..."

I love Helvetica. Arial is a rip-off of Helvetica. Arial must never be used by anyone...ever in a presentation visual.


Love these videos! I've seen the remix at Eric Spiekermann's blog before, but after watching the original version it makes even more sense. Thank you for putting those together!

Best wishes,


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