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Presentation at Apple Store Ginza (Tokyo) Dec 15, 7:00 pm

Ginza_photoOn Tuesday (December 15), I will be presenting (in English) in the theatre at the Apple Store Ginza beginning at 7:00 pm. I'll be sharing some simple visual principles and design lessons from the world around us that can be applied to presentation design and beyond. I'll talk a bit about the contents of the new book presentation zen designwhich went to press last week and we'll have some copies of the first book in English and Japanese to give away (PZD will not be available until about Dec 27). If you are in Tokyo this Tuesday, it would be great to meet you at the Apple Store. If you can't be there, I hope you will pass on this announcement to your friends in Tokyo. 本当にありがとう!



Apple_store_pres About 130 people showed up in Ginza for the presentation. There are only 84 seats in the theatre so many sat on the floor or stood in the back. Great audience. We gave away a lot of books and loads of iStockphoto image credits. Presentation was done in about an hour and we took another hour meeting people and signing books, etc. Alex Fung from Hong Kong took some snaps here. Hiroaki Yamane took this photo of me taking a photo of him in Ginza. A big ありがとう! to everyone who attended. Fantastic group!


Charles Martineau

hey Garr!
I'm coming back to Japan within a year...well as soon as I am done with my master thesis paper. Then, I'll be able to come and see your next presentation. Until then, I'll turn myself to your new book! Can't wait! ; )

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