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Lawrence Lessig on remix (redux)

Lessig I've been a fan of Lawrence Lessig and his unique style of presenting for a very long time. His own method is not for everyone. Yet, he is engaging and for the most part he is able to make his case in a logical fashion and make a connection with the audience even though he does not move from behind his lectern. His rapid pace and quick slide transitions include a mix of short bursts of text, images, and video clips. In this clip below he is using a different font, which at least on a small computer screen, is tough to read. Of course, there is not much reading to do onscreen so perhaps this was less of a distraction at the live event. Now, while it is always interesting to watch a Lawrence Lessig presentation, I also point to this TEDx talk because of its content. Please do not be turned off by the Left vs. Right thing early on; if you watch the whole presentation below you'll see that it's really not about that. It's about something much more important than that.

I like this talk. However, I would change the typeface to one still a bit funky and grungy (if that is how Lawrence wants it) but also a little easier to read in an instant. The video clips in the slides could also be trimmed a little tighter so that the ends do not include unwanted material. Again, I do not recommend that you present exactly like Lessig does, but there is a lot to like about his own style and approach as well as his enthusiasm and content. (Here is a post where I include Lessig's original remix presentation at TED three years ago.)

Above: Although Lessig does not move from the lectern, he is at least positioned right next to the screen. Also, he is engaged with the audience. He does not read off a script, but his slides in a sense become a kind of script for him while also helping the audience to follow his message.

EDUCAUSE 09 keynote: Getting Our Values Around Copyright
The presentation below goes a little deeper and is longer. In this video you see only the slides and hear Lessig's voice. Still, for online viewing, it works. (You will note that Lessig uses a different typeface that is easier to read while still being "different.")



I watched Lessig's Educause 09 screencast. I think he is using the visual 'track' as a way of helping audience members remember key ideas. For example, his use of the images of Britney Spears and Souza to 'stand for' two ecologies of production - introduced as examples early and then referred to later on that split screen to bring the two 'ecologies' into sharp contrast.

The whole thing is a teaching design, with retention of information and concepts as the aim.

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