Presentation: A few minutes with John Cleese on creativity
Create and communicate meaning

Presentation Zen seminar in Tokyo October 2

Associe If you are in Japan in early October, please consider joining my presentation zen seminar on Saturday, October 2 from 12 noon to 5:00pm. This event is sponsored by Nikkei Business Associé Magazine (pdf of magazine article on this seminar). The cost is ¥29,800 per person and includes the Presentation Zen Design book in Japanese and the pz storyboarding/sketch book plus drinks and a light snack. We held the same seminar in July and it sold out in a few days. I will speak in English while presenting with Japanese interpretation, this is how we did the first seminar and it went really well. So if you are not Japanese and can speak only a little Japanese, you will still feel comfortable in this environment. Register here or click on banner below.

DSC_0612   DSC_0617
Above are a couple of pics from the July seminar to give you a feel for the event. More pics here. (I will also hold a similar seminar 5-hour seminar December 7 in Paris, France—more on that later.)

Naked talk in Silicon Valley
Nancy Duarte held a presentation zen naked tweetup in the Duarte office when I was in Silicon Valley a couple of weeks ago.
I was under the influence of jet lag and was pretty tired from a morning seminar over at Stanford University down the street, but it was a great night. We had a very nice party and I got to meet a lot of cool people who read this blog. Thanks so much to everyone who came out. The event was streamed live. You can watch an archive of the presentation here. My talk was actually about 26 minutes with another 15-20 minutes of Q&A.

Click on the image from the naked talk above to see the video.



What do you think about holding PZ seminars in Germany?

Patrick J

At the Presentation Zen seminar, is there an option to get the book in English for non-native speakers?

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