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Resonate: A fantastic new book on presentation

Resonate If you have not heard of Nancy Duarte's new book, then let me turn you on to it. Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences, says Nancy, is the prequel to her first book Slide:ology. As Nancy says early on, the problem with most presentations is not simply that the visuals are ineffective; making the visuals look better for content that is not well crafted has little merit. This book takes you back a step and launches you on a journey of discovery and exploration that takes inspiration and insights from myriad sources including the art of story creation and storytelling and film, etc. The lessons in the book will help you create the kinds of presentations that truly engage and transform audiences. Remember that presentation is always about change. By presenting we're necessarily trying to move people and impact them in at least a very small way. Sometimes in very big ways. This book is informative, instructive, and inspirational. The book itself is a presentation of sorts and it is definitely a compelling piece of work that is creating buzz and changing things. I was so inspired by Nancy's wonderful book that I shot this little video below on my iPhone today at the Hamarikyu Gardens near Tokyo Bay this morning.


Nancy Duarte

You crack me up. GREAT review Garr. Really appreciate the recommendation.

Anne-Caroline Tanguy

Hi Garr,
What would you recommend, reading slide:ology first or both books can be read independtly? Best



I recommend Resonate first as slide:ology is more about design and creating great visuals, etc. First comes ideas and story creation. But it really does not matter -- we enjoyed Star Wars out of order, right?

I really love Resonate. Applications go beyond presentations really.


Is Resonate, relevant to written stories? Or is it solely focused on presentations?

Miguel Angel Guisado

Thank you very much, Garr!
I will not wait for the translation to get takes always so long!
Regards from Spain
MA Guisado

Daniel Decker

Thanks for the review on this. A client of mine has been reading this book and suggested it to me. I think I'll pick up a copy for myself and a few for others I know as well.

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