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Here's to a happy and naked new year!

Naked_prsent Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2011 brings you much peace and happiness throughout the year. Here's to wishing that 2011 is also the year that more and more of us — researchers, teachers, business people, students — become truly naked communicators and naked presenters. Naked communication is one of the keys to improving our professional and personal relationships, and to gettings things done. Individuals and organizations, and the people they interact with, can benefit greatly by approaches to communication that open up the kimono and let others in. Transparency is paramount. Maybe this is the year, then, in which we'll see a reduction in fear-driven risk aversion, cluttered messages, insincerity, and obfuscation. Maybe this is the year that we'll see an increase in honesty, simplicity, transparency, clarity, and meaning. At least we can do our own small part by removing the barriers to clear communication whenever and wherever we can, and by embracing the tenets of presenting naked. I will continue do whatever small bit I can here to share information and resources and point you to many different kinds of people who present naked regardless of whether they use technology or not.

The Naked Presenter (the book)
Naked_in_england2 A few weeks ago my book called The Naked Presenter was quietly released. "The naked book" as people are calling it, focuses more on the delivery of presentations, regardless of whether you use multimedia and other visuals or not. Presenting naked with technology (or without) is an idea I have shared with people for many years. When I first moved to Japan a long, long time ago, I learned of the great beauty and importance of the Japanese onsen (hot spring). Soaking naked outdoors in the middle of nature, often as snow fell in the winter months, was something I found extraordinary. At this time I learned of a Japanese expression called hadaka no tsukiai (裸の付き合い) which means naked relationship or naked communication, the idea being that naked we are all the same. So in the naked metaphor, then, the idea is to strip away the superfluous and the nonessential and focus on what is important. When you present naked you remove the walls and obstacles to what really matters most, which is to make a connection with the audience, engage them with the content, and create a change. By design, the Naked book is a little bit smaller than the first two books in size so that it would be easier to take with you. The page count is 208 with healthy amounts of white space. Here are the seven chapters below:

  1. Naturalness and the Art of Presenting Naked
  2. Begin With Solid Preparation
  3. Connect with Punch, Presence, and Projection
  4. Engage with Passion, Proximity, and Play
  5. Sustain with Pace and Participation
  6. Finish with a Powerful Ending
  7. Continuous Improvement Through Persistence

The book also features special 2-page callouts by contributors Phil Waknell, Christopher Craft, Les Posen, and Pam Slim.

Connect, engage, sustain

Assuming that we know our material and that we have prepared well and have kept the audience's needs foremost in our mind, the real questions we have to ask ourselves then are (1) How can we connect? (2) How can we engage? (3) How do we sustain that engagement? Logic and structure are necessary, but so too is an emotional connection. In the book I talk about those aspects of delivery and also the idea of closing strong and improving your own skills through in the long-term through persistence.

Debuting The Naked Book in Europe

The first people to actually get their hands on the analog version of the naked book were here in my home of Japan in November and then in Italy, England, and France in snowy December. During my European tour I gave copies away at a special event in Milano, and later at the Apple store in London, and then after my lecture at Oxford University, and then every single participant at the Presentation Zen European Seminar held on the Microsoft campus in Paris got a surprise free copy of the Naked book as well as their own Presentation Zen Bento Box. (Thanks to Ideas on Stage and Pearson Publishing in France for those surprise gifts.)

A great crowd gathered in beautiful Milano. (More pics.)

Oxford_1   Oxford2
Fantastically lively crowd of faculty and grad students at Oxford University. Right: Freezing with my host
Andy Cotgreave. (More Oxford pics.)

During the PZ European Seminar held Dec 7 in Paris at Microsoft France.

Signing the Naked book at Microsoft in Paris. More Paris pics here, and here.

Presentation and the Japanese bath
I do not have a presentation up on the web yet which covers the material in the Naked Presenter, but back in August I gave a presentation and Q&A session on the Japanese bath as it relates to presentation at Duarte Design. Also, to get a better feel for the contents of the book, you may
Download chapter 4 from The Naked Presenter on the Peachpit Press website.

Watch video of presentation and discussion held at Duarte Design in August, 2010.

本当にありがとうございます! (Thank you!)
Although the book has been out a just short time, I really appreciate the kind emails I have received from around the world. A million thank yous! If you should find the time to write a review or mention the book on your blog, please let me know and I can point people to your post. No word yet on the translations, but German and Japanese versions of the Naked book will be coming out quite soon for sure; I'll let you know about other languages in future. Once again, I hope you have a fantastic 2011 and thank you so much for your support and encouragement over these many years. 今年もよろしくお願いします.


Arjen van Doezelaar

Thank you for sharing this with us all. Good 2011 to you as well. Still teaching at Kansai Gaidai Daigaku I see? Good thing. Really enjoyed your class on HR in Japan in spring 2007.. wow.. such a long time ago already!

Greetings from Amsterdam!

Charles Martineau

Hi Garr,
I will order your book ASAP - For some reason, amazon takes forever with my recent orders (its been a month that I am waiting for my kindle). Anyhow, I am sure your book will be success and I'll try to pass by KG when I go back to Japan next month - I'm actually getting married in Japan! (scary..haha)
I wish you could pass by Canada but that's up to me to find resources at my school to make you come and present!
Good luck for 2011!



Congratulations on the new book!

I am exceptionally honored to be part of it. You are one of my heroes, and I feel so proud to support your work.

Here is to more naked presentations!

All the best,


Annalie Killian

Would you like to come to Sydney to run a workshop on Naked Presentation as part of our Creativity Tapas that leads up to Amplify Festival of Innovation & Thought Leadership that I curate and produce ( http://www.amplifyfestival.com.au) Any Friday in May is good?

Sandra Zimmer


I love the idea of the naked presenter! Wish I had thought of it. When we can stand open and transparent in front of others then nothing is in the way of making authentic connection. And we can literally receive the flow of attention from others as support instead of something to brace against.

So much of what we call stage fright is fear of being who we are in front of other people. I work with helping people transform the fear of speaking so they can shine when they share their ideas, insights and expertise. My program helps folks become naked speakers. I invite your readers to visit my wbsite and blog for some compelling ideas on how to become a naked speaker.

Thanks for letting me share and many thanks for the inspiration you are!

Sandra Zimmer

Fred E. Miller


I learned many things from your book, Presentation Zen, and am looking forward to reading The Naked Presenter. (I can almost feel the breeze now!)

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