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Never leave the playground: The key to a long, happy life

 "We don’t stop playing because we grow old," George Bernard Shaw said. "We grow old because we stop playing." We know—but too often forget—that play is a key component of learning and creativity (it's even good for business). Play is also the key to a healty body, a healthy mind, and a long life, says Stephen Jepson, founder of Never Leave the Playground. Last week I received an email from Stephen Jepson saying how much the Presentation Zen book has helped him in spreading his message. Jepson, who is 72, is an internationlly acclaimed potter and a retired college professor on a mission to teach people that play—not just exercise, but physical, emotional, intellectual play that is fun—is a virtual fountain of youth. He is living proof. "Scientific studies, " says Jepson, "show that constant, consistent physical movement throughout our daily lives is the single most important thing to do to be physically healthier and smarter, regardless of age." And yet, he says, it is never too late to start.

Please watch this piece from growingbolder below. After I received the email from Stephen Jepson last week, I watched the video of his story below and immediately was inspired. I agree with damn near everything he says. His message is spot on and important.

Below is a good, simple demo that introduces Stephen Jepson the public speaker and his key message. I think this type of clear and simple introduction video is something more of us should put together.

Never leave the playground is great advice
The pic below is a snap of my own life here in Japan. I am far less productive in terms of my professional output I suppose, but my main job now is being a dad. Much of that job involves being on the playground...literally. My own small children are a reminder to me to "move it or lose it." I am thankful for the gift of their presence and the lessons that they are teaching me about the importance of moving, exploring, and just having fun. And I am thankful for people like Stephen Jepson who are on a mission to help all of us, no matter what our age, to keep on moving. "We are born to move," Jepson says. Yes indeed. And we were born to play.

My own kids are keeping me on the playground...


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