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Remarkable, inspiring interview with Cesar Millan

Digital Domination Summit


The Digital Domination Summit featues "video interviews with 30 leading experts sharing strategies on how to dominate business in the Digital World." There are interesting, informative, and inspiring interviews with people such as Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk, Alicia Navarro, and 27others. It's worthy of your time. It's free to sign up and get access to the videos here. Below I include an overview of Marco Montemagno's mission followed by three of my favorite interviews—Seth Godin, Tony Robbins, and Kathryn Minshew. I also include Marco's interview with me.

The Digital Knowledge Divide Truth
Marco Montemagno shares his vision and gives an overview of some of the content.

Seth Godin
Don't wait for permission, says, Seth. Don't wait for someone to pick you. Pick yourself. (I love Seth's comments around 24:20 in the video.)

Tony Robbins
An inspiring interview on marketing, business, motivation, and a whole lot more.

Kathryn Minshew
The founder of The Muse shares her experience in creating a business that helps millions find or create the career they want.

Marco and I chat about presentations (Youtube)
The photo editing software I mention at the end is called Pixelmator. It's inexpensive and excellent.

Many more interviews
Go to the Digital Domination Summit website to see all the video interviews. Another one I really like is with David Siteman Garland. Loads of good information.


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