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Remarkable, inspiring interview with Cesar Millan

The other day, while surfing the net on the bullet train to Tokyo, I stumbled on a great interview with Seth Godin conducted by Bryan Elliott. I had never heard of Bryan Elliott before, but he's good and he has a very educational website called Behind the Brand which features interviews with many remarkable people. One of the interviews he did recently was with Cesar Millan. I was always a fan of Cesar and his TV show (Dog Whisperer), but I did not realize what an incredible story he has and how much he has been through. The term "authentic" may get tossed around too much in describing people's character, but the word fits perfectly in the case of Cesar Millan. He is down to earth and the real deal. I always found his communication style natural and honest and that comes across in this simple, no frills interview with Bryan Elliott below. So much of what he says about leading a successful business life and personal life resonates with me. I think it will resonate with you as well. Great stuff.

         "It's contribution, then business."  — Cesar Millan

Cesar's Way
Behind the Brand


Norris Krueger


I wish that you would not sing the praises of.a guy too lazy to think up an original website.

Behind The Brand is a long-established entity started by serial entrepreneur Jennifer Walsh. Given it's in a different industry, I doubt that Bryce is is trying to piggyback on Jennifer's success. However, Behind the Brand seems an odd choice. Regardless, was he lazy in picking the name? Or?? Not very zen, I fear..

Julie Kertesz

Exciting interview, lots to ponder, indeed.

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A very insightful interview! Thank you for sharing them!


I watched several of Elliott's interviews, but the one of Cesar Millan was the most authentic. The "energy" he speaks of radiates from every pore. I liked the fact that he has no trouble expressing his fears as well as his joys. Many influential people want to give the impression that they have no fear. Cesar is honest. I also liked the expression Elliott used---getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Yes indeed. Cesar Millan is very honest and humble. Would love to meet him one day.

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