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50 years later. Same place. Same ship. On the left, my dad and me in 1962 on deck somewhere in the Strait of Juan de Fuca on the way to beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. On the right, my son and me last week on the same deck. The 1962 version of me, and my son today, are about the same age, one. My dad died when I was 13. Much too young and too soon. In the picture he is 35. I am currently 51. Different world. Different time. Both images are actually stills from motion picture cameras. On the left from an old Bell & Howell 8mm film camera; few people had a movie camera then. On the right from a smart phone; everyone on board had one. A lot of water has passed through the strait since my dad held me on the same ship 50 years ago. A lot has changed. Who would have believed in 1962 that I would be taking higher quality movies of my future son on the same ship using only my phone, and that the movie we shot would be instantly viewable...for free. Crazy. I'm putting together a family home movie blending our 8mm motion pictures from the '60s with footage we are taking today of our young family. I hope that someday my son will pose for the camera with his one-year old child on the ship to Victoria. What a cool image that would be, and what a great story it would tell.

My oldest brother took the shots of us last week. He was somewhere just behind the camera 50 years ago as well. Time marches on...but we're still kicking.


Deborah MacDonald

What a great and memorable story...very moving and certainly tugs at the heart:)

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