Michio Kaku on The Power of Video
Can (and should) scientists become great presenters?

Talking about presentations with Nancy Duarte

Last month we took the long flight across the Pacific to spend a day with our friend Nancy Duarte at the new and very cool head office of Duarte, Inc. in Silicon Valley. About eight years ago Nancy contacted me out of the blue—and it will be eight years exactly this December that I first met Nancy and Mark Duarte at their offices in Mountain View California (post from 2005). Since then they have upgraded twice to bigger offices in the Valley as their business has grown. Duarte has an amazing team of storytellers, designers, and a whole lot more.

At the new office of Duarte, Inc. in the heart of Silicon Valley, USA.

Q&A with Nancy & me
On July 10th, about 100 people came for a lunch and a Q&A session held at the new offices of Duarte, Inc. It was fantastic to meet so many people passionate about the many forms of presentation including photography, filmmaking, visual storytelling, etc. Thanks very much to everyone who attended. Below you can watch the Q&A session of the event on YouTube. There is also a slideshare deck featuring highlights from our discussion.


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