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March 2015

Advancing the narrative through first person interviews

March 11, 2015 marks four years since our brothers and sisters up in Tohoku (northeast Japan) experienced the devastating impact of not one, but three disasters. In the past I have pointed to short films made by filmmakers Jeffrey Jousan, Ivan Kovac, and Paul Johannessen, such as in this piece Storytelling that grabs the heart as well as the head. And in this piece Storytelling, POV, & the power of first-person narrative. Today, as a way of commemorating the Tohoku disaster and remembering the great struggle that people face in such places as Ishinomaki, please take a look at a followup film below. In this example too there is no narration. Moving a narrative forward through the thoughtful compilation of first person interviews has long been one of my favorite documentary storytelling styles. This is a very interesting, provocative, and evocative film.

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